A few hints for the perfect Holiday season dinner party


There’s a lot to love about the holiday season. There’s a certain something in the air, people are generally happier (unless you’re trying to get in and out of a busy shopping centre parking lot) and for good reason. 

There’s no other time of year when we gather when friends and family for no other reason than just because. Throughout the year we gather for for birthdays, family occasions and so on. This time of year, we gather with friends, families, even co-workers to celebrate the season. 

While Christmas parties might be the most popular way to celebrate, there’s still nothing quite like an old fashioned dinner party. It’s generally more intimate and allows for great conversation, food, drink and a memorable evening. 

When planning a dinner party, one of the hardest things might be where to start. Well, good news! We’re here to help. 


While everyone has their favourites, a dinner party is always a good time to try and force, I mean suggest, your guests try something different. There’s all kinds of different twists on the classic cocktails to fit the season. One that might be worth a try is this Apple Cider Old Fashioned. All you need is whisky, apple cider, bitters, apple slices and cinnamon sticks. 

Other ideas include adding flavours like cranberry, butterscotch or caramel to some of your favourite cocktails. Why not get creative and take a risk!?

Alright, you got a signature cocktail picked out? What next? The food! 

Our sister store A&D Fresh Market will be able to help you out no matter what you need. 


The perfect start comes courtesy their deli manager Rhonda and her picturesque and delicious charcuterie boards filled with any kind of cheese, meat, fruits, and other snacks that you want. Just stop by the store and talk to her to see the endless possibilities.

Rhonda will be very happy to help you and can’t wait to get started on her next board, she’s a little crazy but we love her for it.

Be sure to ask Rhonda for dessert advice as well! 

For the main event, Tim and Sylvia in the meat department can get whatever you need. Thanks to a variety of cool toys, they can come up with something that will wow your guests. How about a marinated roast? No problem. Their vacuum tumbler can marinate anything with any flavours you want. 

Once all the fun is wrapping up, it’s time to make sure your guests have a safe ride home or a place to crash for the night. Offer to pay for cab rides or even ask your guests to spend the night if need be. If your guests have been drinking, make sure they don’t drive home. 

Joel Gasson