Happy Hour Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Happy Hour Holiday Guide.png

We all have that one person that’s really hard to buy for. They have the latest and greatest of everything and their wish list is narrowed down to only a few items and we just can’t seem to pick what gift to get them.

Usually, that’s where we end up opting for a gift card or cash so that they can buy their gift of choice.

But if you’re wanting to switch it up this year and that hard-to-buy-for person in your life loves a good drink, then we can help you out. If not, well, perhaps check in with A&D Fresh Market or Eden. 

First on our list is the Skate Whisky. 


This whisky is great for the hockey lover in your life. The name basically says it all, it’s Canadian whisky inside a bottle that’s shaped like a skate. So, once you’re done with the whisky inside, you can use the bottle for decoration year round either empty or by filling it back up with water and colouring for cool effect. 

As for the whisky itself, it’s described as spicy and oaky in flavour. 


For the wine lover in your life, may we recommend the McMicheal Collection Group of Seven. This gift box comes with two bottles of wine, a cabernet merlot and a chardonnay. Included in the box is replicas of works of art from Canada’s famous “group of seven.” You’re also giving back as a portion of sales from the boxes go toward preserving the art collection. 


Got a beer lover? Give them a growler! There’s nothing like letting someone explore the world of local craft beer, you can even get them started with a gift card of any amount to try some of the great local beers we always have on tap at Happy Hour. Growlers come in 32oz (about two beers) and 64oz (about four beers) and can be reused over and over. Just rinse them out with scorching hot water, we’ll take care of the rest. 


Rum is so hot right now and the options are better than ever. One bottle that may way wow someone this holiday season is the Bacardi Reserva Limitada. This rum is a blend of Puerto Rican rums that are aged for 12 years in barrels under the Caribbean sun. Aging the rum for so long results in an incredibly smooth, easy drinking rum with notes of dried fruit and butterscotch. It’s great neat or on ice but can still be used for cocktails if you wish. 

Of course, these are just some ideas for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life, if none of these catch your eye, then come on in to the store and someone from the Happy Hour Crew would be pleased to help you out. 

Joel Gasson