Can vs Bottle: why the can is better for beer


It’s a debate that beer drinkers the world over have fought over for years and there’s likely no end in sight. 

Are you on team bottle or team can? 

If you caught our Facebook Live on Wednesday afternoon, you heard from Mike, one of our favourite customers at Happy Hour. At least when it comes to his beer of choice, Miller High Life, he prefers bottles. Without any scientific data to back it up, Mike just claims it tastes crisper than in the can. He also admitted he might like the bottles more just because their specific design makes it easier to drink. You can’t fault him for that logic. 

I’ve heard people claim that Boh tastes much better out of the bottle the can. Same with Pilsner. I don’t know. 

They might be right. I’m not one to judge people’s beer choices. Too each their own is how I approach it. Even if I’m one of the biggest beer snobs you’re likely to meet. 

That said, Mike is wrong. The can is the superior beer delivery method and it’s not even close (short of a keg, but that’s not really an option for most people.) 

While cans have many benefits, the biggest reason why they’re the best is because of the aluminum itself. While some believe it might add a tin like flavour to certain beers, the fact is it keeps light out and light is one of beers biggest enemies. Even the darkest of bottles will let some light in affecting the quality of beer. That’s why a majority of beer in bottles come in that dark brown colour. If you’re drinking beer out of a clear or green bottle? Well, good luck. Hopefully it hasn’t come in contact with much light before it ended up in your hands. Pouring it into a solid colour glass might be a good idea (you should always pour your beer out of it’s container whenever you can, but that’s another story.)

The other enemy of beer? Air. While the bottle does a pretty good job at keeping air out, the can does a better job. You literally have to break into the can to get the beer out. 

Need more reasons to choose the can over the bottle? it’s lighter, so it’s easier to transport, they’re a lot easier to stash somewhere before returning them to SARCAN, heck you can even just throw them right in the blue bin if you don’t want to bother with SARCAN. They get colder much faster than bottles (though, if you’re buying your beer from us, then warm beer generally isn’t an issue, unless it’s stock day.) If you happen to drop a can, there isn’t feet cutting glass shattered everywhere. There’s no caps to throw out after. You don’t need extra equipment to open it. Do I need to go on?

Sure, bottles might stay colder longer, but that’s nothing a good coozie can’t fix. 

So, there’s my case for the can. Hopefully you agree with me. If you don’t, enjoy being wrong. 

Which side are you on?

Joel Gasson