The Capitol + cocktails = true love


There's no question that Judd and Andrew at The Capitol in downtown Regina love their cocktails. 

If you ever get the chance to meet one or both of these great local bartenders, it doesn't take long for you to figure out just how much they love what they do. Calling them bartenders probably isn't even really the right term (Judd is one of the owners of The Capitol and Andrew is his GM, as well). They are definitely mixologists who are always looking for something new to put on their menu. 

That passion was on full display for me a week before they visited us at Happy Hour for an appearance on our Facebook Live. I visited both of them at their bar for a photoshoot of sorts to help promote the event on our social feeds. They asked what they should make for the shoot and I told them, whatever they wanted, just pick a product you really love that could be your "Pick of the Week" and let's do this. Instantly you could see gears in their heads start to turn. That's pretty cool. 

They ended up choosing a martini style drink called "the Last Word." I got to try it after our work was done and needless to say, it was delicious. 

What's really cool about these two is there's no real secrets. It's not entirely uncommon for cocktail aficionados to build speciality drink menus and keep descriptions pretty vague to make sure that they aren't giving away their big secrets. Kind of like a chef's secret recipe. These two, especially Judd, want to help teach more people to make great cocktails wherever they are.  That's why they were willing to stop by the store and share the wealth. 

With that in mind, we're going to be working with The Capitol going forward to help provide you, our fans, some of the best advice we can find. We're working on building a whole "how to" library on everything from the absolute basics of making cocktails, to recipes and more. 

Got questions? Is there something you specifically want to learn? Let us know by contacting us on Facebook, Instagram or in-store and we will get you the answer! 

There's lots of great places to get a cocktail in Regina and the surrounding area. If you're ever looking for something different and delicious, then The Capitol should be high on your list. 

Joel Gasson