New Year's Resolutions: cutting back doesn't mean cutting the fun


It’s that time of year again, we’ve put all our Christmas decorations away for another year and we look ahead to what’s to come over the next year. 

For many of us, that means trying to make some big changes to better ourselves for the new year. Whether it’s losing weight, cutting back on treats (like booze), saving money, or working toward new personal goals, we all have something we hope to accomplish this year.

Most of the time, the biggest roadblock in achieving these goals is successfully changing your lifestyle. We’re all creatures of habit and changing something we’ve done one way for a long time can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.

A lot of can change in our lives but we can take comfort in the fact that not everything has to change. 

If your goal in 2019 is to drink less, or maybe even take a break from alcohol after a busy holiday season, that doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon something that you love.

Today’s alcohol free versions of the drinks we love have actually improved over the years. That’s especially true for non-alcoholic beer. Techniques in brewing and flavouring have improved to make the “beer” taste better than ever. Whether it’s Heineken’s new 0.0 brand, Erdinger’s Alkoholfrei (both available at Happy Hour) or Budweiser Prohibition (available at A&D Fresh Market) among many others, the options and quality are getting better all the time. Meaning you can still enjoy an ice cold beer with friends and family. 

If beer isn’t your thing, fret not! There are options for you as well. There’s always dealcoholized wine or mocktails. 

The wine is pretty straight forward, they’re versions of your favourites varietals of wine but with the alcohol removed. For mocktails, the options are basically endless and we don’t just mean a Shirley Temple (unless you’re into that, then that’s cool.)

The easiest way to make up a few mocktails for yourself is to basically just remove the alcohol from a variety of recipes, something like a virgin Caesar comes to mind first and foremost. Admittedly, a virgin rum and coke isn’t quite the same. So, the idea doesn’t always translate.  

That’s where the good old uncle Google comes in. There’s far too many mocktail recipes out there to simply list off a few as ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Do you like sweet? Spicy? Savoury? There’s a little something for everyone out there. Basically it comes down to picking some high quality juices, syrups (like options from Les Charlatans out of Montreal), tonics, bitters and other kind of seasonings (like Drink Addition), most of which you can find either at Happy Hour or A&D Fresh Market.

Find the right mix and you won’t even miss the booze. 

Trying to lose weight or cut back on sugar? Check back next time as we give you some tips on how to celebrate without the guilt. 

Joel Gasson