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Beyond Baileys: Four Ways To Spruce Up That Cup Of Christmas Joe

Tis' the season for enjoying a creamy beverage in the morning as you wrap presents, hang out with family or just because it’s a day ending in “y.”

When it comes to the holiday season, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a little bit of extra flavour with a little kick in your morning (or early afternoon) coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

For years, most of us have been conditioned to reach for that old standby: the bottle of Baileys. There’s no question that Baileys is the king of cream liqueurs and for good reason, it is quite delicious. That being said, there are more options than ever and at Happy Hour we have plenty of other options for your morning cup of Joe, including some different options depending on what kind you like.

For The Wine Lover

If you enjoy a nice glass of vino, why not enjoy a little bit of that flavour with some java? Yes, there’s a liqueur for wine lovers who also enjoy a hot beverage. Chocovine combines a French Cabernet with Dutch chocolate for a one of a kind flavour. Chocolate and wine in one? Yes, please! This drink is also great served on the rocks.

For The Rum Lover

Few categories of booze have seen a revival over the last number of years like rum. More than ever, people are branching out beyond the big players to try something different. Rumchata has quickly become a favourite for those in the know. This liqueur combines a special blend of Caribbean rum, Wisconsin dairy and a secret blend of spices for a flavour that strikes a balance between sweet and savory.

For The Whisky Lover

Yes, this market is generally dominated by Bailey’s but there’s a homegrown option that not only comes in a little cheaper but, in my opinion, also tastes better. Forty Creek has never been about doing things the easy way and their cream liqueur is no different. While some cream based bottles are filled with generic alcohol and (for lack of a better term) fake cream, Forty Creek wanted nothing to do with that. The base for this cream liqueur is actually Forty Creek’s Barrel Reserve whisky, then they add real cream and a variety of spices for a huge pop of flavour. Just how real is Forty Creek Cream? After you open it, you have to put it in the fridge. If you give it a shot, you might just make the switch as well.

For The Sweet Lover

We all know that one person or two who just doesn’t really like the taste of alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with that and we have an option just for them! Cabot Trail Maple Cream does contain a unique mix of grain alcohol and rum but the real star of the drink is the real maple syrup. Enjoy all the fun and comfort of a cream liqueur in your coffee with a real kick of sweet, if that’s what you’re into.

If none of this tickles your fancy and you want to stick with old reliable, that’s ok too. We got plenty of Baileys on hand.