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The Mysterious Story of the Margarita

At some point this weekend, there's a good chance you’re going to sit down with a tasty margarita to celebrate one of our favourite booze-related holidays. 

Historically, Cinco de Mayo is a day in Mexico to celebrate the day their military unexpectedly beat the French in 1862, but for most of us, it's become an excuse for us to indulge in amazing food and partake in few celebratory drinks. 

The celebratory drink of choice for this holiday is the margarita. 

The history of the margarita is actually an interesting one as it’s origin seems to be one of those “depends on who you talk to” scenarios. The earliest sign of the drink dates back to 1937 when similar ingredients appeared in the Cafe Royal Cocktail Book but it was known as a Picador. 

One year later, a restaurant owner by the name of Carlos “Danny” Herrara claims to have invented the drink at his place called Rancho La Gloria. The story goes that the drink was created for a customer and a famous dancer known as Marjorie King. King was apparently allergic to mostly every spirit except tequila. 

Another bartender, Don Carolis Orozco also claims to have invented the drink in 1941. He claims that the daughter of the then German ambassador visited his bar that year in October. He had been experimenting with the drink recipe and she was allegedly the first to try and so it was named after her.

By all accounts, it appears the drink made it’s way to the United States in 1947 or 1948 in San Diego and Dallas. 

There are many more stories that have been told about the history of this drink and none have yet to be claimed as the real story leaving the creation of this cocktail still a complete mystery. 

So this weekend, let's raise our glasses to the mysterious margarita and enjoy it whatever way you'd like, on the rocks, iced, or as a punchy mix of fruits and juices because no matter who invented it and when we're sure glad that they did. 

Happy Cinco De Mayo!