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Pairing Spirits with Food for your Next Gathering

What are the rules of pairing spirits and food?

This a question many of us ask when organizing a party gathering. When you achieve the perfect mix between your preferred alcoholic beverage and a tasty meal, you and your guest are bound to appreciate the pairing. A rum pairing with the right type of food is a heavenly combination that you must try.

It is essential to pair your food with the many spirits available to give the gathering a much needed boost. Different spirits affect various food items differently. When it comes to throwing your next dinner party, pairing dishes with complimentary spirits is a great way to mix things up.

Unsure about which food items to pair with which alcohol? Here is a run-down of tips regarding the best types of alcohols and food that go well with them.


Offering rum in your party or gathering is bound to be appreciated by the masses. After all, rum is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages out there. Rum can be viewed as an umbrella term which encompasses various types of beverages. For instance, some rums are distinctly dark, while others are refreshing. For instance, a french rum, which has a light effect on the body, is best used with a cheese board and salad. This is because the tanginess of cheese goes quite well with the refreshing taste of a french rum.

Another type of rum is gold rum. The beverage made from it can be fruity as well as dry.This type of rum is best paired with a seasoned and smoked protein. Why so? This is because golden rum is known to be sweet and it complements the spicy flavour of a juicy and well-seasoned steak.


Pairing vodka with food like smoked fish, caviar and herring are traditionally served with Russian vodka, however you can try to create different vodka combinations. Vodka enhances the taste of a variety of meals and snacks. This is why vodka is referred to as a versatile spirit. The beverage can be offered with various types of cheese, grilled food, pickled food, meat and smoked fish.

Considering the flexibility of the use of vodka, the drink is the go-to option for both relaxed family nights as well as upscale social events.


Who doesn’t like an ice cold glass of gin and tonic? But, did you know that there are various other types of gin in you can opt for? These delicious beverages work well with an array of food items. The fruity and flowery taste of these gins helps amplify the deliciousness of certain foods.

For instance, gin pair up impeccably with seafood. The ocean flavour combines well with a juniper gin drink. Additionally, you can alter your spirit to best complement your menu. For starters, the seasoning used in the gin drink can be changed as per the requirements. Let’s say your menu is a little heavy on the spices, you can then add ingredients to your gin to make it sweet to undermine the effect of the spice. If you have salty dishes in your menu, you should pair them up with gins that are a tad acidic. This helps the drink in countering the effect of the salt.


Even though there has been some controversy regarding the use of whiskey with food, this hasn’t stopped the masses from combining the two. There are different types of whiskeys available. This ranges from rye to Bourbon. Overall, this allows the sprite to be ideal for a wide variety of food items.

Dark whiskeys deliver a mouth-watering aroma of the coffee, caramel and chocolate. This is why whiskey alone is enough to give the ultimate experience in a gathering. It works flawlessly with well-seasoned steaks. Moreover, they can also be combined with desserts in the form of a sauce, glaze or frosting.

Apart from this, here are some types of food that work best with whiskey.

• Dark chocolate
• Cheese
• Nuts and fruits
• Meatloaf
• Salmon
• Apple pie


One whisky that deserves limelight is Bourbon. Known for its unique taste, Bourbon works great with barbequed meat. Whether it be ribs or smoked brisket, enjoy it with a little bit of Bourbon for a quality experience. You can also sip the drink with dark and pure chocolate.


Brandy is quite a favourite spirit. It can be paired with a wide variety of food, including venison, fish, cheese and chocolate. A well-aged brandy is ideal for cutting through the heaviness of the meat. Moreover, when it comes to fish, you can pair it with sardines, mackerel, and snoek. You can also combine the drink with strong cheeses for a boost of flavour.


No party starts truly without the opening of a bottle of tequila. Among all other options, this spirit features a distinct taste. It is common for tequila to be paired with salt and lime. Apart from this, there are multiple types of dishes that work best with the drink. Anything sharp and spicy is ideal for being paired with tequila.

Tequila works both as a spirit and a cocktail. A lot of people enjoy their tequila with guacamole, melted cheese and even with tacos and ceviche. Certain tequilas also work well with chocolate.

Final Words

Pairing spirits with food items properly will help enhance your social gathering.

While some might seem like an unusual combination, try them out and see the effect it creates on you and your guests taste buds.

3 Spooky Spirits To Indulge In This Halloween

Once again, ghouls and goblins have taken over the streets in Saskatchewan as Halloween has arrived for another year.

There’s no doubt that the holiday is one that is exciting for kids but it doesn’t mean that us adults can’t have some fun either. Once the kids have had their share, it’s time for the rest of us to unwind either with a Halloween inspired drink or a full-blown party.

Even though there’s no wrong choice when it comes to your favourite Halloween beverage, there are a few products that might add a little extra to your evening. These spirits won’t only haunt your taste buds with great flavour, you can wow your guests with their tall tales.

baron .jpg

Baron Samedi Spiced Rum

This rum is named for the ultimate guardian for all things enchantingly dark and otherworldly in Haiti. According to locals, the Baron lives between our world and the underworld and he is in charge of making sure the dead make their way to the underworld.

The Baron doesn’t treat his job like any other though. When he’s visiting us in our world, he’s known for outrageous behaviour, colourful language and the love of a good cigar with a glass of rum.

The rum itself includes natural spices such as cocoa, cinnamon, and clove. They also use a small amount of Jamaican pot stilled rum, vanilla, and other spices to enhance the flavour.

elijah craig .jpg

Elijah Craig Bourbon

The story of Elijah Craig dates all the way back to 1800. Elijah was a Baptist preacher and integral part of the state of Kentucky.

Even though Elijah had his day job, his real talent was making bourbon. Oh, he was also an educator, road builder, land speculator and build the first paper and wood mills in Georgetown, Kentucky. So, his bourbon must be pretty good considering everything else he did.

What makes this bourbon great for Halloween is there’s a cloak of mystery around it. Elijah is credited with coming up charring barrels before aging the whisky, but no one knows for sure how he came up with it. One story suggests there was an accidental fire at his mill and the charred barrels changed the taste of the whisky inside.


Espolon Tequila

Not only is tequila a required drink at any good Halloween party, this tequila is a perfect fit for its design alone.

The artwork on the label pay tribute to José Guadalupe Posada. José was a 19th-century artist, printmaker and a bit of a rebel. He more or less developed the skulls that are synonymous with Mexico today. His characters made powerful commentary on social injustices during his time. His art gave a voice to people who didn’t have one otherwise.

wine and choc.jpg

Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Once the parties are over and the kids got their stash that you’ll surely raid, the real fun begins. Visit Happy Hour right now to learn what wine pairs well with your favourite Halloween chocolate bar.

Happy Halloween!