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Pairing Spirits with Food for your Next Gathering

What are the rules of pairing spirits and food?

This a question many of us ask when organizing a party gathering. When you achieve the perfect mix between your preferred alcoholic beverage and a tasty meal, you and your guest are bound to appreciate the pairing. A rum pairing with the right type of food is a heavenly combination that you must try.

It is essential to pair your food with the many spirits available to give the gathering a much needed boost. Different spirits affect various food items differently. When it comes to throwing your next dinner party, pairing dishes with complimentary spirits is a great way to mix things up.

Unsure about which food items to pair with which alcohol? Here is a run-down of tips regarding the best types of alcohols and food that go well with them.


Offering rum in your party or gathering is bound to be appreciated by the masses. After all, rum is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages out there. Rum can be viewed as an umbrella term which encompasses various types of beverages. For instance, some rums are distinctly dark, while others are refreshing. For instance, a french rum, which has a light effect on the body, is best used with a cheese board and salad. This is because the tanginess of cheese goes quite well with the refreshing taste of a french rum.

Another type of rum is gold rum. The beverage made from it can be fruity as well as dry.This type of rum is best paired with a seasoned and smoked protein. Why so? This is because golden rum is known to be sweet and it complements the spicy flavour of a juicy and well-seasoned steak.


Pairing vodka with food like smoked fish, caviar and herring are traditionally served with Russian vodka, however you can try to create different vodka combinations. Vodka enhances the taste of a variety of meals and snacks. This is why vodka is referred to as a versatile spirit. The beverage can be offered with various types of cheese, grilled food, pickled food, meat and smoked fish.

Considering the flexibility of the use of vodka, the drink is the go-to option for both relaxed family nights as well as upscale social events.


Who doesn’t like an ice cold glass of gin and tonic? But, did you know that there are various other types of gin in you can opt for? These delicious beverages work well with an array of food items. The fruity and flowery taste of these gins helps amplify the deliciousness of certain foods.

For instance, gin pair up impeccably with seafood. The ocean flavour combines well with a juniper gin drink. Additionally, you can alter your spirit to best complement your menu. For starters, the seasoning used in the gin drink can be changed as per the requirements. Let’s say your menu is a little heavy on the spices, you can then add ingredients to your gin to make it sweet to undermine the effect of the spice. If you have salty dishes in your menu, you should pair them up with gins that are a tad acidic. This helps the drink in countering the effect of the salt.


Even though there has been some controversy regarding the use of whiskey with food, this hasn’t stopped the masses from combining the two. There are different types of whiskeys available. This ranges from rye to Bourbon. Overall, this allows the sprite to be ideal for a wide variety of food items.

Dark whiskeys deliver a mouth-watering aroma of the coffee, caramel and chocolate. This is why whiskey alone is enough to give the ultimate experience in a gathering. It works flawlessly with well-seasoned steaks. Moreover, they can also be combined with desserts in the form of a sauce, glaze or frosting.

Apart from this, here are some types of food that work best with whiskey.

• Dark chocolate
• Cheese
• Nuts and fruits
• Meatloaf
• Salmon
• Apple pie


One whisky that deserves limelight is Bourbon. Known for its unique taste, Bourbon works great with barbequed meat. Whether it be ribs or smoked brisket, enjoy it with a little bit of Bourbon for a quality experience. You can also sip the drink with dark and pure chocolate.


Brandy is quite a favourite spirit. It can be paired with a wide variety of food, including venison, fish, cheese and chocolate. A well-aged brandy is ideal for cutting through the heaviness of the meat. Moreover, when it comes to fish, you can pair it with sardines, mackerel, and snoek. You can also combine the drink with strong cheeses for a boost of flavour.


No party starts truly without the opening of a bottle of tequila. Among all other options, this spirit features a distinct taste. It is common for tequila to be paired with salt and lime. Apart from this, there are multiple types of dishes that work best with the drink. Anything sharp and spicy is ideal for being paired with tequila.

Tequila works both as a spirit and a cocktail. A lot of people enjoy their tequila with guacamole, melted cheese and even with tacos and ceviche. Certain tequilas also work well with chocolate.

Final Words

Pairing spirits with food items properly will help enhance your social gathering.

While some might seem like an unusual combination, try them out and see the effect it creates on you and your guests taste buds.

Guilt-Free Coolers: This Summer's Coolest Drink

March is here and that means that spring is just around the corner, even with the blast of snow we just got recently. 

As the temperatures start to warm up, what we like to drink tends to change a little bit as well. Attention turns from bold red wines, whisky, and rum to something a little lighter like beer and coolers. 

We’re all aware of the changes happening in the world of beer. I’ve beaten that horse more than anyone around here. The world of coolers is starting to change as well. The new trend is a cooler that isn’t loaded with sugar but still tastes good at the same time. 

While we can’t sit here and say that any alcoholic beverage is “good for you” the cooler doors at Happy Hour are starting to be filled with tasty options that are a little better for you. These sweet treats aren’t loaded with extra sugars and other ingredients to make them taste better. They’re just naturally delicious. For the most part, they’re simply vodka, carbonated water and some form of natural flavouring. 

Locally, Last Mountain Distillery has jumped on the low-sugar cooler with a growing selection of canned drinks to choose from. At Happy Hour, we’ve got their Lemon Vodka Soda and Sweet Tea Lemonade. The Lemon Vodka Soda is exactly what you think it is. While the Sweat Tea Lemonade is cool because it’s their famous sweet tea vodka mixed with Glow Juice lemonade. 

The newest addition to our cleaner cooler section is Social Lite. These coolers come in three different flavours: Pineapple Mango, Lime Ginger, and Lemon Cucumber Mint. These slim cans contain just 80 calories and my Fiancé tells me they're only two weight watchers points if you’re on that program. They are kind of funky as they pour clear out of the can but still pack a pretty good flavour. These are pretty new to the province too, it’s not even listed as available in Saskatchewan on their website! 

Lastly, we’ve added NUTRL Vodka, Soda, Lemon. On their website, NUTRL (a brand owned by Goodridge & Williams Distilling out of B.C.) claims that this drink isn’t even a cooler but a whole new category. No matter how you label it, if you want a straightforward beverage without all kinds of added sugars and sweeteners then this is another option. This drink is based on NUTRL’s vodka, which is made with 100% B.C. rye grain and is made to the highest of standards. There’s nothing complicated about this vodka, it’s straight to the point. 

We’re only scratching the surface of this new trend as we hope to expand our cleaner cooler section long before the dog days of summer arrive. 

What’s your favourite summertime drink?

Comment below and let us know! If we don’t have it, we just might have it in time for the warm days ahead. They’re coming, I promise.